Here's what some of our patients are saying...

The course changed my perspective of sex before marriage. I used to think it was harmless, no big deal, but there are so many risks…

- Rel8 4

Because of this course, I’m choosing abstinence for my future. With this choice, I know that I am the one making my decisions.

- Rel8 3

I learned that saving sex for marriage is good because it keeps you and the person you care about from getting hurt physically, emotionally and sometimes socially.

- Rel8 2

I know now that there are others out there supporting and encouraging my decision to save sex for marriage.

- Rel8 1

Mosaic was there for me during my entire pregnancy.

- Melissa

I came into Mosaic… and (they) gave me so much helpful information. My very first visit they offered me an ultrasound.

- Grace

(Mosaic) will help you with anything…they are a great helping hand. Mosaic is a good place to go!

- Onyae

Mosaic is the perfect place to go if you feel like you are alone, if no one else is supporting you, if you feel like you need someone to talk to who is not going to instantly judge you.

- Mariah

We can’t picture anything without (our baby). He’s changed my life for the better.

- Brandy

With Mosaic’s support, I was able to push through all the hardships I’ve been through.

- Ally