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What we offer

We offer a variety of pregnancy services to help you navigate your unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is for you to have the information you need to make an educated and empowered decision about the outcome of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Testing

A positive pregnancy test doesn’t have to be negative. We offer free pregnancy testing to help you know if you’re actually pregnant and offer follow-up services to answer more questions for you. Schedule your free testing appointment today.

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An ultrasound answers three important questions to provide more information before you make a decision. Is the pregnancy viable? Where is the pregnancy located? And how far along am I? You deserve to know the answers to all three because they determine which options you can choose for your pregnancy.

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STD Testing & Treatment

Your sexual health matters and it’s important to be tested for STDs so you can pursue treatment right away if you do have an STD. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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Abortion Recovery

It’s not uncommon for women to struggle with a variety of emotions after an abortion. If you’ve had an abortion and would like to talk with someone about your experience, we can help. Learn more about our post-abortion recovery program today.

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Abortion Pill Reversal

Do you regret beginning the abortion pill? Have you ever started a task and then wished you could change your mind? Some women feel this way about their abortions. They begin the abortion pill and suddenly wish they could reverse their decision. If you have started a medication abortion, there may be time to save…

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First Steps Parenting Classes

Parenting is full of excitement and challenges. We offer classes, resources, and support so you feel confident embarking on this new journey.

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Baby Items

Receive Free Baby Items Mosaic Health wants to provide the newborn essentials and supplies your baby needs* to come home once they are welcomed into this world! Here’s How Receiving free baby items for expecting mothers, parents, and their new children is available only upon completion of our “First Steps” childbirth and parenting class program….

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