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Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help. We are a pregnancy resource center offering free, confidential services for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Schedule an appointment today.

Stories from our clients

Brandy's Story

"We can't picture anything without (our baby). He's changed my life for the better."


Ally's Story

"With Mosaic's support, I was able to push through all the hardships I've been through."


Our Blog

Ectopic Pregnancy & Other Pregnancy Complications

Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Centers | March 8, 2018

Every woman wants a healthy pregnancy and a trouble-free delivery. However, there are a number of potential complications that affect many women, from the earliest weeks...

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Can Having an Abortion Affect Future Pregnancies?

Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Centers | February 2, 2018

Can abortion cause infertility? What about miscarriage and abortion? Are you wondering how to get pregnant after abortion? Learn more about the possible effect of abortion...

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